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Digital Design

Digital design pieces can be commissioned and printed either on Metal or Acrylic, with or without framing. 

Acrylic copies of "Ashira" can be bought on the website in two sizes. 


To commission new work, contact the studio.


To commission an original canvas painting, please contact the studio.


A distinguished rendition of a famous picture of Harav Ovadia, beloved leader of Israel. This acrylic masterpiece evokes a seriousness that pairs well with the Rav's stature.

Canvas copies of this painting are available.

Harav Ovadiah.jpeg
Chazon Ish.jpeg

Pastel Drawings

One of her favorite mediums, Menucha enjoys using a full color palette when drawing in pastel. The loose strokes and interesting color choices creates a liveliness that is her signature style.

Prints of the Chazon Ish are available.

For original commissions contact the studio.

Neurographic Art

Watercolor wash over an intricate ink drawing is the backdrop for the Neurographic design that weaves its way through and around these original drawings of iconic landmarks in NYC. Printed copies of the NYC series are available.

To commission an original Neurographic drawing, please contact the studio.

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